Punto quantico designs innovative polymer-based dispersion of nanometal particles in polymer composite structures that give special physicochemical properties (dichromatic, thermochromic, fluorescent filters for optical spectra, antistatic, conductive, etc..) maintaining the unique characteristics the original polymer matrix .

The activity of Punto quantico is focused on the development of fluorescent and superfluorescent polymeric materials for applications in anticounterfeiting field, sensors, and optical filters as in the energy sector to increase the efficiency of photovoltaic panels.

In addition, the company is involved in the study of polymeric compounds with nanoparticles of exfoliated graphene intended for food packaging sector with high gas barrier properties, and the development of oxidized graphene-based materials.

Punto quantico is characterized by a dynamic and lively environment where a new interaction is developing between materials designer, engineers, chemists and technologists. This interaction, that has not to be a simple addition of competences, but a real sharing of experiences leading to a knowledge-merging during all process phases and this represent the main spot of company.

At present Punto Quantico is developing interdisciplinary projects and collaborations.



The structure of Punto quantico provides an organization focused on technology and laboratories, but strongly market-oriented and able to understand and meet the technicals and operational needs of the clients through a strong operational management and a high profile management structure that oversees the relations with companies.

The multidisciplinary team approach enables optimal approach and promotes problem solving.