The aim of Punto quantico is to design new materials based on polymer nanostructures (able to give special physicochemical properties), and to transfer knowledge and experience in the field of new materials and new technologies.

Punto quantico is the contact point between scientific research and its industrial use and technological innovation transfer to the industry, research organizations and to government agencies, strengthening the link between research, design, communication and production.

The company owns the patent titled "Dispersion of nanoscopic phases of solid noble metals, metalloids or metal sulphides in polymers" and a strong technical and scientific know-how developed over many years of research.

The activity of Puntoquantico is about the preparation of materials, their structural and morphological characterization and realization of active or passive devices, and the systematic study of their performance in the year (optical measurements, electrical, magnetic, thermoelectric, etc..)

This activity is supported by a Department of Research, Development and Technological innovation transfer wich  develops technologies in different industrial sectors alongside its customers..

From the visual communication and design point of view, Punto quantico is oriented towards projects satisfying relationships with users and able to generate interactions with sensory stimuli.